Bitcoin korea

bitcoin korea

just.6 percent. It continued to fall to 7,410 by February 5th, and as of April 2nd, the price of a bitcoin sits at 7,241. The publication conveyed that under the current setup: Bitsum exchange, which is estimated to have net profit of over 250 billion won US223 million last year, should pay.4 billion won.6 million in corporate tax but it is expected to save.2 billion won. In addition, the Bank of Korea has released a report with its view on using crypto as a means of payment.

An estimated three in 10 salaried workers in Korea had invested in e-currencies by December 2017, according to a survey. The 20-something has an impressive resume: a senior role at a flourishing startup, a college degree from overseas, and work experience at some of Koreas most enviable firms. Money is not the only thing in life, he says. As soon as I break even, Im out, Oh says. The South Korean government announcing 2018 tax amendments.