Forex mmcis group

forex mmcis group

I have been monitoring all the aspects of the company's activity, including financial ones, that's why I am ready to personally confirm the honesty of my employees and be in charge of everything going on in the company. God knows that we pledged only positive goals to mmcis and we worked honestly. We simply have no money to fund customer support department as well as technical and financial departments, because the company hasn't received any income for several months already, and its own money has been fully spent during this capcha bitcoins time. In this situation we have no choice but to transfer the proceedings on this matter to law enforcement authorities and court. Be encuentra registrada la ficha 618266 doc. In fact, companies such as "Dengi Online" simply stole the money of our clients and disabled our work.

Today, along with this statement, I publish the statement we've submitted to the General Prosecutor Office and its number. I am truly sorry for what has happened. In addition, we will work on parallel steps aimed at finding refinancing and at selling the company, which will allow us to meet our obligations to creditors. We have all the information and documents that confirm the facts of capturing customers' funds. The truth stands for us - we did not break the law, and therefore, it's just the matter of time when everything will fall into places and everyone will see the true state of affairs. We also plan to apply to the court for reimbursement of financial losses and returning of stolen assets. I declare that the company has suspended its work solely because of the criminal acts of the third parties, which first arranged the PR attacks against the company, and then seized its money, theoretically depriving the company of the opportunity to continue its work. Despite the fact that I and everyone who remained loyal to the company wanted everything to be different, we were forced to take this step, due to the fact that the company ran out of resources for technical provision of its work. As soon as the seized funds will be returned to the company, we will transfer them to You, besides, as I wrote earlier, using the procedure "chargeback" You can return the money directly to your account. Company's management and employees haven't assigned customers' funds and haven't broken the law.